THATCamp #transformDH will take place in Prince Frederick Hall on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park, just outside Washington, DC. The building is a little confusing – it’s a large, imposing, new structure, but because it’s a dorm as well as teaching space, we can only enter through one door:

We’ll be looking out for people in the morning, and if you gesticulate wildly at the front desk staff through the locked glass doors, they will probably let you in.

The closest parking spaces are at Mowatt Lane Parking Garage, which is just across the street from Prince Frederick Hall. Visitor parking is available outdoors at ground level and on the top floor of the parking structure. If you are coming on Saturday for THATCamp, you must arrive before 12pm in order to park on campus. Because of a football game there will be no parking on campus after 12pm on Saturday. Sadly, visitor parking at UMD is pretty expensive – $3/hour or $15/day.

The campus is easily accessible by public transportation via the DC Metro Green Line: shuttles from the College Park Metro station (route 104) will take you to campus, though the drop-off point at Campus Drive Garage is almost half a mile away. An interactive campus map can be found at this link.


The most accessible (step-free) route from the Metro shuttle to Prince Frederick Hall is as follows:

From Regents Drive Parking Garage Shuttle stop:

Exit the shuttle and bear left (south) to travel along Regents Drive. Regents drive is a wide, relatively flat, expanse of concrete.

You will travel along Regents Drive until you come to the SECOND stop sign and make a right onto what is known as “The Mall.”

Keep travelling west along this path passing a blue emergency light, Marie Mount Hall, and Woods Hall (home of Women’s Studies). Go up the brick ramp along the path and pass Francis Scott Key and Chincoteague Hall. Once you have reached Chincoteague Hall you will find four different path options.

Choose the second path on the left—which is slightly uphill and leads you TOWARD Somerset and Queen Annes Hall. BEFORE crossing the street that would lead to Somerset and Queen Annes Hall BEAR LEFT. You will pass through a small parking lot, leading into a pathway between a brick wall opening. You will know that you are travelling in the right direction when you pass Worcester Hall on the left. You will now be on Library Lane crossing over Preinkert Drive.

You will find a street crossing in front of you (slightly to your left) that will take you across Preinkert Drive. Once you have crossed over, BEAR LEFT. You will now be heading downhill toward your destination, Prince Frederick Hall.

Prince Frederick Hall is the large brick and glass building behind Caroline Hall. The main entry is to the right alongside a painted bright yellow curbside/tow away zone.

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  1. Hello,

    We had a small group that had planned to attend on Saturday, but won’t be coming. Since they had registered individually, do they need to contact you individually cancel their attendance or can I simply provide their names to you?

    Many thanks,
    Ginny Armagh

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