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Proposal for a session in which you offer to lead a group discussion on a topic or question of interest.

Talk session: Making #transformDH work: career and other prospects

Undergraduate students get energised by the possibilities of the #transformDH kind of digital humanities, where critical race, gender, disability studies and hands-on digital practices come together. What kinds of opportunities might this work open up for them, inside and outside the academy? Let’s bring interested students, faculty, professionals, and cultural producers together to talk about scholarly, professional, artistic and activist pursuits.

Talk session: The future of #transformDH?

#transformDH has gone from a idea to a hashtag to a collective to a conference, and from a self-styled “guerilla movement” to something with institutional support. Where should we go from here? Is #transformDH still needed, and what form should it take now if it is? Should we be working toward a regular #transformDH conference? A formal organization? Or continuing to resist formalization as much as is possible?